Letter from Susanne Schroff

I would like to introduce to you the SANNI Foundation, which I have inaugurated.

It all started in 1984, with the inauguration of the Schroff Foundations by my parents, Ingrid and Gunther Schroff. The aim of both Foundations is to utilise entrepreneurial success to further important public and social causes. Besides various scientific projects, a mobile diabetes station was established in Trivandrum in Southern India, which treats 1,500 patients a month free of charge. Three children’s homes and an HIV clinic are also run by the Foundation.

In the late autumn of 2010, I visited Father Jose’s facilities in Trivandrum for the fifth time, and was again most impressed by how much and how efficiently the donated money is used to help, and how lovingly the children and patients are cared for.

I then decided to really put my plan of inaugurating a foundation of my own in Switzerland into action. With this foundation, I hope to address further donors, and to enhance the help, not only but above all in Southern India and Burma. In the meantime, it has been shown that the numbers of cases of AIDS in these areas are increasing, and that there is a lack of medical care and support facilities. Add to this that hospitalisation frequently raises the question, “What shall we do with the child or children?” Often, there is only one parent, and he or she is ill. For these children, and for those who can still live with their families but are in urgent need of support, we are looking for godparents. Apart from AIDS, malnutrition is a big issue. With comparatively modest amounts we can do a lot for malnourished and infected children.

What is needed now is support. With a donation, you can help the long-term, sustainable expansion of the charity, with the cooperation of the local staff. I personally guarantee that all the work by the members of the foundation board is carried out on a voluntary basis, and that no moneys are used for administrative purposes. All administrative costs are shouldered by me personally.
Of course your monthly or one-time donation is tax-deductible with our donation certificate.
I am deeply grateful for any support.

With best regards,

Susanne Schroff

Susanne Schroff
Susanne Schroff
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