The Foundation Committee

The members of the Foundation Committee work in an honorary capacity and receive no compensation. They are passionately committed to the objectives and projects of the SANNI Foundation. A delegation from the Foundation Committee visits the projects every year and audits their finances and use of funds. As responsible business people, it is important to the members of the Foundation Committee to stand up for the underprivileged of this world and to use their valuable knowledge and personal contacts to further the SANNI Foundation.

  • Susanne Schroff
    Susanne Schroff Foundation Committee President

    “We support the upbringing and education of underprivileged children, the empowerment of women and the promotion of healthcare.”

    • Corinne Fischer
      Corinne Fischer Foundation Committee Vice President

      “I think it is wonderful that so many children get a future with our sponsorships.”

      • Dr. Melinda Spiesshofer
        Dr. Melinda Spiesshofer Trustee, Medical Field

        “Health, sustainable development and the wellbeing of women and children are dear to my heart.”

        • Dr. Markus Kick
          Dr. Markus Kick Trustee

          “We make sure that every franc is spent on the projects one-to-one.”

          • Milan Prenosil
            Milan Prenosil Trustee

            “We all guarantee that all monies are invested as intended and reach the needy to 100 percent.”

            • Joachim Schoss
              Joachim Schoss Trustee

              “I have a sponsor child in Myanmar for each of my own children.”

              • Hansruedi Merz
                Hansruedi Merz Foundation Committee

                «With pretty limited resources we can achieve a lot in this poor regions. Your help is needed!»

                • Dr. Thomas Kirchhofer
                  Dr. Thomas Kirchhofer Foundation Committee

                  «I know that due to the SANNI Foundation, the people in need are getting help in a direct, unbureaucratic and effektive way.»

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