The aims of the foundation

The aims of the foundation

  1. Support the upbringing of children and adolescents by providing household and education support.
  2. Promote and provide healthcare to ensure each person is healthy, with access to healthcare.
  3. For every sponsored child to enter into adulthood educated, healthy and independent.


Susanne Schroff established the SANNI Foundation in December 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland, after working many years for her parents’ charitable foundation. As successful entrepreneurs, her parents, Ingrid and Gunther Schroff, used their own assets to create The Schroff Foundations 1984 in Germany, to support social and scientific causes. They were determined to give something back to society and provide opportunity to people who would not normally receive any. For 20 years, they supported a small charity in Trivandrum, southern India, that ran a mobile diabetes clinic and support for underprivileged children. The SANNI Foundation has since expanded the charity’s activities considerably.
Before the SANNI Foundation was formally established, Susanne received her first donation for the charity by long-term friend Corinne Fischer. Together, they shared a vision to give back to society and support people who normally receive no help, with a focus to work in Asia. Since then, they have worked and developed the SANNI foundation into what it is today.
Since then Corinne Fischer has worked actively in building up the foundation as Vice President. The Foundation Committee further consists of the entrepreneurs Milan Prenosil (Sprüngli AG) and Joachim Schoss. Dr. Markus Kick, Dr. Thomas Kirchhofer, Hansruedi Merz and Dr. med. Melinda Spiesshofer round off the team with their skills in the legal, financial business and medical fields.

Our principles and core values

We support long term holistic projects using local initiatives and representatives with an already existing infrastructure and local leaders we personally know. We strongly believe in using local projects and people to create the best support network and make genuine long-term positive impact to the local communities. We visit every year to see how things are going.
SANNI staff work on a voluntary basis with administrative costs covered by founder and president, Susanne Schroff. This means, 100% of all donations go directly into the projects – this is a key policy of the SANNI Foundation.

Our work is guided by transparency, authenticity, effectiveness and efficiency.

Our  work is characterized by respect, joy, openness and sincerity.

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