The SANNI Foundation team is paid by SchroffInvest. This means the foundation incurs no administrative expenses. All donations reach the needy in full.

  • Father Jose
    Father Jose Director St. John‘s Health Services (India)

    «I do not care which religion people belong to. My religion is humanity.»

  • Dr. Ni Ni Tun & Dr. Frank Smithuis
    Dr. Ni Ni Tun & Dr. Frank Smithuis Directors Medical action Myanmar

    «It is our mission to make sure that the poorest people in Myanmar get free medical care and support.»

  • Max Homan
    Max Homan International Program Manager

    «The need here is so big that every swiss Franc will save lives and give children a new, positive future.»

  • Susanne Schroff
    Susanne Schroff Managing Director

    «Helping others makes yourself happy! Many of us were born privileged. Helping those with whom fate has not been so kind should be a matter of course.»

  • Ana Zbinden
    Ana Zbinden Administration

    «For me, the greatest thing is when people help others without asking for anything in return.»

  • Romiel Sommer
    Romiel Sommer Administration

    «Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.»
    James Baldwin

  • Roman Saxer
    Roman Saxer Projectmanager Switzerland

    «If not us, who? If not now, when?»
    John. F. Kennedy

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