With a yearly income of approx. US$ 1250 per person, Myanmar is still in the group of the 35 poorest countries of the world. In particular, the youngest of the young children are seriously affected by this situation: 5% of all born children are not reaching the age of 5 years. Often orphans are seriously sick or malnourished, they live without any familiar protection, loving home or any positive outlook for their future.

In order to improve this tragic situation, we support the organisation Medical Action Myanmar (MAM) located in Yangon. Established by the Dutch doctor Frank Smithius, formerly of Médecins Sans Frontières, and his Burmese wife Dr. Ni Ni Tun, a team of highly committed and experienced health professionals built up 10 clinics in the poorest regions of Myanmar and fighting daily for lives.

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Dr. Ni Ni Tun & Dr. Frank Smithuis
Dr. Ni Ni Tun & Dr. Frank Smithuis

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