Children living in poverty are significantly more likely to alleviate themselves into economic security if they finish secondary education. As part of a SANNI sponsorship, a child receives all the educational materials needed to go to school. This removes the financial burden of education and reduces the risk of a child being forced out of school to work instead.

To promote education even further, SANNI provides extra tuition support to children about to take government matriculation exams that graduate them into the next stage of education (Grades 5, 9,11). During these grades, there is an increased risk of children dropping out of school because of exam failure or stress โ€“ providing tuition helps to support the children with their studies as well as improving their results.
With extra education support like tuition, we can help keep children in school and help them achieve their best, improve their employment opportunities and help them to help themselves into a better future.

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Help us to assure that our children pass exams and get a real chance!

Tuition per academic year for children age x-x: CHF 135 / EUR 125
Tuition per academic year for children age x-x: CHF 200 / EUR 180/span>

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