Every 3rd child in Myanmar suffers from malnutrition: many are also infected with the HIV virus and suffer from tuberculosis. Through donations we can help every child!

At the Lotus Clinic, we nurture malnourished children in nutrition centres with nutritious and vitamin-rich food. We save poor children from starvation and lay a healthy foundation for the children to grow normally again. In 2019 we have treated over 8,000 children for malnutrition.

Myanmar has one of the highest rates of new HIV infections. Countless people and children are infected with the HIV virus and have no access to treatment. We treat HIV+ with ART therapy, which slows down the growth of the virus in the body. This leads to a considerable improvement in health so that the patient can take part in his normal life like work / school again and secure a basis for the future. Over 550 patients were in ART therapy in 2019. And we have treated 10 HIV+ positive mothers and all have given birth to HIV negative children.

Additionally, many children and adults suffer from bacterial infections such as tuberculosis. This is transmitted by coughing and is particularly contagious in the poor living in confined spaces. This is also treated intensively in our Lotus Clinic.

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Help to save lives!

Saving an undernured child CHF 280 | EUR 260
HIV-Therapy for one person CHF 400 | EUR 340
Tuberculosis-Therapy for one person CHF 140 | EUR 120

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