In Myanmar, if you are not able to pay for the doctor you have no access to any treatment! But in particular, those who have not enough money, have the highest need for medical services as they live in precarious living conditions. The Lotus Clinic, which has been built by SANNI Foundation, provide free health care for everyone in order to break this vicious circle of poorness and life threatening diseases!

Many of the patients are children and mothers, often malnourished, infected with HIV and tuberculosis. The well trained clinical staff perform consultations, provide treatment as well as travel, food and hospital costs.

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In 2018, more than 55’000 consultations took place at the Lotus Clinic, on average 150 daily.

Help us support the Lotus Clinic and all other MAM clinics to continue to welcome and treat the poorest!

CHF 7 | EUR 6 per treatment

Lotus Clinic: CHF 200’000 | EUR 185’000  per year
Other MAM-Clinics: CHF 900’000 | EUR 830’000 per year

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