You can help two poor Southern Indian families establish a new livelihood by giving them a mushroom culture. The mushrooms can be harvested and used by the families themselves as a healthy source of food or sold. A mushroom culture is started with a donation of CHF 350. Mushrooms worth about CHF 400 can then be harvested in a cycle of three months. Of the earnings from one cycle, CHF 170 need to be reinvested for the next culture. The work is not strenuous and is ideal for people of poor health. They produce healthy food for their own needs and the rest can be marketed. The people need to take over responsibility and have work to do, thereby strengthening their self-esteem. For women, in particular, who often have no education and are financially dependent on others, the craft of mushroom growing is an important basis to help support their families, promote their independence and empower themselves. Through their work the women are medically insured, have an opportunity to improve the living conditions of their families considerably and can learn from each other in workshops. Technical support is given by the Government Agriculture College, Vellayani, Trivandrum & Surya Agrotek, Pirappancode, Trivandrum.  MUSHROOM CULTURE AS HELP FOR SELF-HELP CHF 350 | EUR 300 for two families

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