Christmas Gift Cards

This year give a friend, a loved one or yourself something special this Christmas and change a life. In Myanmar and India thousands of people are at extreme risk of starving, suffering from preventable diseases and descending further into poverty. But with your help we can change this.

Good health, an exciting future, a new start in life, feeling supported, being part of something greater than yourself, these are all things we can also give for Christmas. Choose which project you want to support from the list below and make the world a little better for those in need.

When the donation is made, we can send you a special e-card with details of for you to pass onto your chosen one. We use 100% of all donations for our projects; any donation sent has an immediate impact on someone’s life.

When you make a donation, please include your email in the ‘Remarks’ section or email us at with the details. Then we can send you the special gift card for you to pass on!

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