Newsletter August 2020

Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation, For the past 5 months we have redesigned our projects in response to Covid-19, but our principle goal to provide vulnerable people the resources and skills to [...]

Newsletter June 2020

Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation Last month, we asked our community of donors to help us raise funds to support vulnerable families in Myanmar who have been made unemployed during the Covid-19 [...]


Disaster struck Kerala, where our India project is located, after days of nonstop rain and heavy flooding engulfed the state. By the second day there were 80 landslides and over 250,000 people [...]

SANNI goes to Amsterdam

Like last year in Potsdam, we run for a good cause and are happy about any support. 24 runners and supporters under the lead of Mike Baer are going on the 20th of October to Amsterdam and run 8, [...]