Success story of Bote Sone Ma

When we first met Bote Son Ma, she was 9 years old and was in urgent need of support. She had never been to school and sold watermelon at the local market to help her family. She has 6 other [...]

Success story of Paing Nyein

Weโ€™d like to share the story of Paing Nyein. We first met him in 2014 when he arrived at our Lotus Clinic extremely unhealthy with poorly treated HIV.

Success story of Phoe Thar

Phoe Thar became an orphan when he was a young child when both his parents died of cancer. He has Down Syndrome and needs extra care and attention, but he lives in one of the largest slums in [...]

Now more then ever!

On Monday 1st February, the Myanmar military staged a coup and took control of the government. Senior figures of the leading democratic party, NLD, have been detained alongside activists, writers [...]

HAPPY Holiydays

Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation This year, people all around the world have had to adapt to a new environment and overcome unknown challenges. The pandemic has shown how fragile life can be and [...]

Newsletter November 2020

Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation So far this year, the greatest lesson we have learnt is the importance of adaptability. In low-resource environments, where poverty is high and opportunity is [...]

Newsletter September 2020

Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation, The past six months have presented new challenges to SANNI requiring us to adapt and find new creative solutions to pursue our mission. Sticking to our core [...]

Newsletter August 2020

Dear Friends of SANNI Foundation, For the past 5 months we have redesigned our projects in response to Covid-19, but our principle goal to provide vulnerable people the resources and skills to [...]