SANNI’s Covid-19 Response

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The SANNI Foundation has adapted to the new environments and challenges caused by COVID-19 and has remained fully committed to function as much as possible, in accordance to WHO guidelines, and continue supporting the impoverished and vulnerable.


New policies have been introduced in the children’s care home to improve hygiene and infection control. The children living in the St John’s Care Home have been taught special lessons on how to protect themselves and others against COVID-19. School started on the 1st of June via virtual teaching – something the children were very excited about!

Virtual learning in India

While schools were shut, the children helped with the large fruit and vegetable gardens at St John’s and they were taught how to grow and harvest vegetables. This inspired a new SANNI project to distribute seeds and give organic vegetable growing training sessions for families affected by the pandemic and help them become more independent. The current plans are to train 300 families.

Father Jose (right) collecting vegetables with children from the St John’s Care Home, India

Additionally, to support emergency cases where families do not have enough money to buy food because of unemployment caused by COVID-19, we have distributed special food packages to over 500 households.


SANNI’s Lotus clinic continues to serve the community of Hlaingthayar with free health care for the impoverished and vulnerable. The clinic has reduced the amount of non-essential patients to limit crowding, increased infection control measures and created a special ‘Fever Clinic’ to identify potential COVID-19 positive cases.

A local monk washes his hands before entering the Lotus clinic in Myanmar, as part of new COVID-19 measures

The Child Sponsorship program is also still fully operational however new protocols have been made to maintain social distancing during our monthly support package distributions. With over 370 sponsored children it is important to control crowd sizes.

Details of a young single mother being recorded to provide financial support during the lockdown in Myanmar

Thanks to SANNI’s community of donors, we have also been able to create the Emergency COVID-19 Financial Support Program. Thousands of impoverished families have been made unemployed due to COVID-19 and are descending into further poverty. SANNI are providing short-term financial support to these families to help them buy food, hygiene items and prepare for the coming monsoon season. We will be supporting over 1,000 families during this extremely challenging time for them.

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