Natalie Bastian – Weekly Report No. 3

Last week I told you about how I am familiarized with the Indian food. This fact is still right, but just for the food here in St. John’s. When I went this week for the medical camp again, I ate [...]

Natalie Bastian – Weekly Report No.2

This week we had a lot of rain so the kids couldn’t play football because the whole place was filled with water. One evening when I was going to dinner my feet were completely covered with the [...]

Natalie Bastian – Weekly Report No.1

On Thursday night I arrived in Trivandrum, India. At 3.30 am there were still 35 degrees, which was a big difference to Germany. Pater Jose and a member of St. Johns picked me up and we drove to [...]

Maximilian Schroff – Weekly Report No.4

During the Onam celebrations, the students had a whole week vacation. Only seven of them had to stay in St.John’s, since either there is no one who could or no one who wanted to pick them up. [...]