The aims of the foundation

The aims of the foundation

The aims of the foundation are to support the upbringing and education of children and adolescents, to alleviate poverty and to promote healthcare. Geographically, the focus lies on developing and emerging countries because there it is possible to improve the living conditions of many people with means that are modest by European standards.


Susanne Schroff established the SANNI Foundation in Bassersdorf, Switzerland, where she has lived for many years, in December 2010 after working for her parents’ foundation. The Schroff Foundations, one for social and one for scientific purposes, were founded in Waldbronn, Germany, in 1984 by Ingrid and Gunther Schroff with their own private assets. As successful entrepreneurs, they had wanted to give something back to society. The Schroff Foundation for social purposes has supported a charity in Trivandrum (Southern India) for 20 years. Its main aims were initially to finance a mobile diabetes clinic and to facilitate sponsorships for underprivileged children. The SANNI Foundation has expanded the activities in Trivandrum considerably. Susanne Schroff received the first third-party donation for the charity in Trivandrum from Corinne Fischer before the SANNI Foundation was even established. The fact that other people wanted to support the work in India as well reinforced in her the wish to become active with her own foundation. The two entrepreneurs are not only good friends, but also share an attitude to life of wanting to give something back to society and a passion for Asia. Since then Corinne Fischer has worked actively in building up the foundation as Vice President. The Foundation Committee further consists of the entrepreneurs Milan Prenosil (Sprüngli AG) and Joachim Schoss. Dr. Markus Kick and Dr. med. Melinda Spiesshofer round off the team with their skills in the legal, business and medical fields.

Our principles and core values

We support and accompany holistic projects over the long term and attach importance to respectful, direct and effective implementation. A local representative with an existing infrastructure implements the projects on the ground. The donations reach the needy to one hundred percent. This is possible because we work on a voluntary basis and the administrative costs are assumed by the founder and president of the foundation comittee Susanne Schroff. Thanks to our personal commitment, the SANNI Foundation accords people in need faith in a better future.

Our work is guided by the following principles:
transparency, authenticity, effectiveness, efficiency

Our work is characterized by the following values:
respect, joy, openness, sincerity

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