The SANNI Foundation team is paid by the founder and president of the foundation comittee Susanne Schroff. This means the foundation incurs no administrative expenses. All donations reach the needy in full.

  • Andrea Trussardi
    Andrea Trussardi Communication

    «We support each individual child’s destiny with responsibility and love.»

    • Daniel Schroff
      Daniel Schroff Administration

      «The projects of SANNI Foundation give hope and courage to the lives of people who need it most.»

      • Father Jose
        Father Jose Director St. John’s Health Services

        «I do not care which religion people belong to. My religion is humanity.»

        • Dr. Ni Ni Tun & Dr. Frank Smithuis
          Dr. Ni Ni Tun & Dr. Frank Smithuis Directors Medical action Myanmar

          «It is our mission to make sure that the poorest people in Myanmar get free medical care and support.»

          • Max Homan
            Max Homan Project Manager Myanmar

            «The need here is so big that every swiss Franc will save lives and give children a new, positive future.»

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