In Yangon, Myanmar, we support the organization Medical Action Myanmar (MAM). Established by the Dutch doctor Frank Smithuis, formerly of Médecins Sans Frontières, and his Burmese wife Dr. Ni Ni Tun, the project comprises a network of clinics in the poorest regions of Myanmar. With great professionalism and untiring commitment, the team fights for the lives of malnourished children as well as HIV and tuberculosis patients. Funding of the treatment costs and counseling in family planning are essential so that the many poor and ill of Myanmar may have hope of a better future. Particularly close to our hearts is saving the youngest of the young, many of whom are on this world without family or shelter and are seriously ill. All donations reach the needy in Myanmar in full.

Dr. Ni Ni Tun & Dr. Frank Smithuis
Dr. Ni Ni Tun & Dr. Frank Smithuis

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