The SANNI Foundation supports holistic projects on an ongoing basis wherever need is particularly great and long-term help is possible. It is our aim to provide far-reaching and effective assistance in all projects to achieve a profound, fundamental and groundbreaking improvement in the situation of the underprivileged. Donations reach the needy directly to 100% in all our projects – without any deduction of administrative or payroll expenses.

Projects in India

In India, the Schroff family has supported the aid organization St. John’s Health Services in Trivandrum, Kerala, for more than 20 years. A small medical village has since evolved on the premises of St. John’s, providing support to the poorest of the poor, giving work to hundreds and offering help to thousands. Children receive loving care, an education and job training, and, above all, a place to call home. Women learn how to care for themselves and their families and are empowered by capacity development. The zest for life exuded by these people is overwhelming.

Projects in Myanmar

In Myanmar, where poverty is dire, countless children and adults are infected with HIV and the youngest of the young are already orphans, the SANNI Foundation joined forces with the Medical Action Myanmur (MAM), Yangon, in 2012 to help.  The hardship in this country, which is in the midst of radical change, is immeasurable. Help is urgently needed. No child should go hungry or be without medical support, and with simple actions, we can dramatically and effectively save and improve their lives. To give every child the opportunity to rediscover their smile and look forward to the future with hope, is worth every effort and is our mission.

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Treatment Costs MAM Clinics

Our partner MAM (Medical Action Myanmar) now runs seven clinics in the poorest suburbs of Yangon and remote provinces of Myanmar. We regularly [...]

Rescue of a Malnourished Child

Every third child in Myanmar suffers from extreme undernourishment or malnutrition due to precarious circumstances, a poorly organized healthcare [...]

Sponsorships in Myanmar

A shocking number of children in Myanmar suffer from hunger, live in completely broken families or are already orphans, are severely ill and [...]


Many children in India are infected with the HIV virus from birth. Sick and weak, they are abandoned by their families and live on the street.

Help for Self-Help

You can help two poor Southern Indian families establish a new livelihood by giving them a mushroom culture.

Jewelry from India

With loving care and meticulous skill, the women at St. John's make long, elegant necklaces and small, colorful bracelets specifically for children.

Home, Sweet Home

It is a fundamental need of all of us to have a roof over our heads. Many of the families of the children and adolescents sponsored by us do not [...]

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