Although tuberculosis can be healed, it is often fatal for people with weak immune systems if it goes untreated. Many children and adults in Myanmar still suffer from this bacterial infection today. Tuberculosis generally affects the lungs and is usually transmitted over the air by droplet infection, in other words from person to person, through coughing. The symptoms often begin with coughing, fatigue and a light fever. Weight loss, lack of appetite and chest pains follow. Bloody sputum on coughing and breathing difficulties occur in the advanced stage and in the extreme case arterial pulmonary hemorrhage and even death. This donation covers the costs of the 6 to 8-month treatment with 10 sessions for one patient, including laboratory and transport costs and an HIV test. In addition to this, the patients and their families receive the life-saving food packets. TUBERCULOSIS THERAPY CHF 140 | EUR 120

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