A shocking number of children in Myanmar suffer from hunger, live in completely broken families or are already orphans, are severely ill and cannot go to school. Many of them are infected with the HIV virus from birth. Emaciated and often close to death, they are handed over to the clinics of MAM. Thanks to sponsorship, the smallest of the poor are given a new life. They are pepped up over several weeks in a nutrition center, are given HIV therapy and the desperately necessary rest for their weakened bodies. In the long term they are supplied with the vital HIV medicines they need as well as monthly food and toiletry packets. They are also given blankets, clothing and towels and are able to enjoy an outing with other children every now and then. We make sure the children go to school and receive job training as the sponsorship also covers school fees. With a sponsorship in Myanmar, you can help lift a child out of poverty. You give a vulnerable small person a start into a brighter future. Thanks to you, your sponsor child receives

  • nutritious food
  • medication
  • necessary medical therapies, e.g. HIV therapy
  • toiletry packets
  • clothing
  • school fees, schooling, school utensils, education
  • support and counseling for the whole family
  • affection, protection, care, love

You, dear sponsor, receive

  • photos and a short description of the life of your sponsor child
  • an annual report on the well-being of your sponsor child
  • the knowledge that you are giving a child hope and a better future for less than one Swiss franc per day
  • the guarantee that your donation will reach your sponsor child in full


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