Leprosy, a chronic infectious disease, is still very widespread in India. Due to their severely restricted mobility, those affected are usually unemployed and can no longer provide for themselves. Socially they are ostracized, stigmatized and shunned. Thanks to a donation of CHF 350, a leprosy patient can undergo an operation and be treated, opening up his or her way back into life. The reconstructive surgery enables the patients, who are severely restricted physically, to move and use their limbs to the full again. Future physical disabilities are forestalled in the rehabilitation process. This life-changing therapy is very expensive and time-consuming as it needs both pre- and post-treatment. Apart from the right medicines, the patients also need, above all, nutritious food to strengthen their bodies. By donating a leprosy operation, you give a person a new life. There can be nothing better than to be able to move freely, to go to work and to be with friends and family again – help this become reality for these people as well. RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY FOR A LEPROSY PATIENT CHF 350 | EUR 300

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