Facts and Figures

Thanks to the generous support from our sponsors we were able to help many hungry, ill and desperate children, youths, families and patients.

Shared commitment

The figures show transparently how the SANNI Foundation is utilising their resources. They also show what can be achieved through shared commitment. Behind each figure is an unbelievable and touching story, fate, confidence and joy.

0 Indian adolescents
have finished the sponsorship program and live now a healthy and educated life which enables them to take care of themselves and their families.
More than 0 patients
are taken care of in our St. John’s Medical village annually.
Every year over 0 patients
are being medically treated in the Lotus Clinic in Yangon, Myanmar, built by SANNI Foundation.
0 Kids in South India and Myanmar
receive medications, necessary medical therapies, nutritious food, clothing and education through your sponsorship.
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